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House Raising

Need a Lift? Our innovative elevation system will raise your home or office to the appropriate height. No need to dust off the kayak for the hurricane season.

House Leveling

We’re On the Level! Our experienced professionals will check to make sure every element of your home is level from the front door to the back porch.

Foundation Repair

Call the Foundation Repair Specialist to Level Your House, Porch, Garage, or Patio. A-1 House Leveling will repair and replace your damaged piers, beams, or sills.

Porch Renovations

Is Your Porch Sinking or Leaning? Our trained professionals will level your porch whether you have a shotgun in Mid-City, a family house in the suburbs, or a hide-a-way in Grande Isle.


We’re Shoring Experts! Whether your house is built on a concrete slab or piers/beams, our construction process will support your building’s foundation from falling or collapsing.

Mobile Home Elevation

Need a readjustment? Call A-1 House Leveling to elevate and level your single-wide or double-wide mobile home to meet the insurance company’s standards.

#1 Top-Rated* Foundation Repair Company on Google

We’re proud to have more Google reviews than any other shoring company in the New Orleans area.

A-1 had very competitive pricing. One foundation company gave an astronomical quote and another one walked away AFTER I sent them a check and they realized what a big project it was. A-1 stuck with me through a project that involved subdivision, a property that was more termite damaged than anticipated, and some project specific historic requirements. The A-1 crew was extremely professional, worked quickly, and did great work. Next time, I would probably just get a quote from A-1 and avoid the hassle with the other companies. He was also very responsive, taking calls and mobilizing the team, several months after the project was done when minor leveling was required.

W. Bowling

If you need a level company, don’t look any further. They came out right away, gave a free estimate and started and completed the job a few days later. These people are professionals and I am very pleased with the work quality. y’all ROCK!

T. Dufrene

My house in Nola was having issues with the back door not lining up and a giant dip in the kitchen floor – I called a lot of foundation companies and A-1 was the only one who had his guys actually go under the house and inspect it prior to giving me a quote – They got my business! Consider me a very happy customer.

E. Truett

* A-1 House Leveling is the top-rated foundation repair company on Google as of August 2019.

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