Get Your Home or Business “On the Level”

If your porch, patio, or living area has settled or is sinking, an experienced leveling contractor can level your house. The house is only as strong as its foundation, and your home can last for generations.

By getting your home or business leveled, you can avoid the stress associated with major foundation problems, such as broken pipes or gaps in your floors. You will also keep moisture out from underneath your foundation that will lead to deterioration, mold, or mildew.

The house leveling contractor can also perform a full inspection and provide you with a complete foundation assessment that can alleviate your home’s foundation problems.

House Leveling

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House Leveling – Your Home’s Foundation

Your home’s foundation is either on a concrete slab, piers & beams, or a combination of both. Under and around the perimeter of your home contains different soil levels, and soil surfaces in the New Orleans area generally consist of a mix of different sized particles such as sand, silt, and clay.

Our soil consists of mostly clay that expands when it gets wet, and contracts when it is dry. Mother nature can wreak havoc on our property over time with Formosan termites, extreme weather patterns, and dangerous storms. Other factors that can contribute to your home’s crumbling foundation include second-rate construction materials, unsatisfactory workmanship, and deferred maintenance.


Foundation Settlement and Sinking

Foundation settlement is when water soaks into the ground around your home’s foundation and the soil underneath changes. The soil weakens and cannot bear the weight of the structure above it, causing movement in your foundation. For example, the sills on pier and beam foundation settle in a new location, causing your home to be unlevel. Foundation settlement is one of the main reasons why many homes and businesses in the New Orleans area need a house leveling professional.


Can I Wait to Level My House?

If your home has the telltale signs of a failing foundation, you can preserve your home’s foundation by contacting a local professional. A local expert can inform you if your house needs minor foundation repairs, house leveling, or a full elevation. Your home can be permanently damaged in the long run if the lingering effects to continue. 


Porch Renovations
Have you noticed that your front porch is sinking or settling away from your house? The reason could be that your house has pilings underneath the surface, but your porch does not.

Homebuilders did not always install pilings under the non-livable square footage area of a house, and that can lead to a safety hazard. Your porch may also tie into your driveway or a patio area. Have you thought about renovating the front porch? A front porch upgrade can rejuvenate your home’s exterior and boost its resale value.

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