Does Your House Have a Foundation Problem?

Every foundation is susceptible to damage. Whether your home is built on a pier and beam foundation or a concrete slab, it will settle over time. If it settles unevenly, the foundation may crack causing significant risks of structural damage to the house. Hairline cracks in a foundation are normal during settling, but large cracks are cause for concern. In addition to unsightly cracks, bulging floors, doors or windows that won’t close properly, or separation along exterior bricks are signs of a foundation in distress.

Other causes of foundation damage include plumbing leaks, poor property drainage, tree roots growing nearby, termite damage, extreme seasonal changes, and flooding. Areas around Southern Louisiana and Mississippi are prone to flash flooding from storms and severe flooding from hurricanes.

The longer a damaged foundation sits unrepaired, the greater the frame of the house will distort causing increased cracking along walls and ceilings, uneven floors, gaps between molding, and misaligned doors and windows – potentially rendering the structure unsafe and ultimately lowering the property value.

Foundation Repair

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Spotting Home Foundation Issues

Your home may have telltale signs that it needs foundation repair, and it’s probably best to fix small problems now before the issue becomes major. Here is a shortlist of items that can determine if your home or business has foundation issues.

  1. Walls Cracking?
    If your house has cracks on the inside (or outside) walls, a foundation problem may be the underlying cause.
  2. Doors or Windows Sticking?
    If your doors or windows do not open or close correctly, you may have a foundation issue.
  3. Floors Sinking or Cracking?
    If the floors of your house have cracks, or the floors are uneven, you may have a foundation issue.
  4. Front Porch Sinking?
    Your home may not have pilings underneath the porch, causing the porch or patio area to sink or pull away from the house.
  5. Unstable or Cracking Chimney?
    A leaning or cracking chimney is a telltale sign that you may have a foundation problem.
  6. Crown Molding Gaps
    If you have gaps in between the crown molding and the ceiling, this is another reason for concern.


Reasons to Repair Your Foundation

If the soil below your house is settling, and your house is not level, you may be allowing water to seep in underneath the floor, leading to mold or mildew. Foundation settlement is when water soaks into the ground around your home’s foundation and the soil underneath changes. The soil weakens and cannot bear the weight of the structure above it, causing movement in your foundation. When you make foundation repairs to your home, it will:

  • Resolve Safety Concerns
  • Minimize the Need for Major Renovations (Future Expenses)
  • Grow or Maintain its Resale Value


Your Home’s Resale Value

A lot of homeowners are concerned with their home’s resale value if their house has foundation problems. If your house has foundation issues, it may be hard or impossible to sell. Having your home’s foundation problems fixed before your house goes on the market may increase its value 10 to 15%. A repaired foundation would also become an asset instead of a detriment. Please contact an experienced real estate agent to help you make an informed decision.


How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

The cost of foundation repair varies depending on the circumstances. Are you looking to repair cracks, leaks, setting, or sinking issues? Or maybe a combination of sorts? And do you need your house leveled or adjusted? Each foundation is unique, and it is best to obtain a written estimate from a contractor for your situation.

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